When was Breakfast Cereal invented?

raman   October 10, 2011   Comments Off on When was Breakfast Cereal invented?

In the year 1863, James Caleb Jackson who was a strict vegetarian and operator of the Jackson Sanitorium invented the first packaged breakfast cereal named Granula in Dansville, New York in the United States but it was not popular.

Breakfast Cereal

A biscuit was made from cornmeal, ground-up wheat and oat by an operator of the Battle Creek Sanitarium, Harvey Kellogg in the year 1877 in Battle Creek in Michigan. It was called “Granula” initially but after a law suit its name was changed to “Granola”. Corn Flakes were later invented by Will Keith Kellogg and in 1906, the Kellogg Company was found by him.

Breakfast Cereal James Caleb Jackson