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When was the Insulin discovered?

In 1869, insulin was discovered in the pancreas by a Berlin student Paul Langerhans. The Romanian scientist Nicolae Paulescu discovered the insulin in 1916. Two Canadian scientists Banting and Macleod… Read more »

When was Band Aid invented?

In the year 1920, an employee of Johnson and Johnson Company, Earle Dickson invented the first band aid. The band aid was invented for his wife Josephine Dickson, who often… Read more »

When was Thermometer invented?

The earliest thermometers were very simple in design. In 1593, an early water thermoscope was invented by Galileo Galilei. In 1612, the first crude clinical thermometer was invented by an… Read more »

When was Bionic Ear invented?

Professor Graeme Clark along with his team of scientists made bionic ear in the year 1978 in Melbourne in Australia. The people who are totally deaf use the bionic ear.