When was the Frisbee invented?

raman   December 25, 2011   Comments Off on When was the Frisbee invented?

In 1948, the first plastic Frisbees were produced by Morrison and his business partner Warren Franscioni and re-named their invention as Flyin-Saucer. In 1955, Pluto Platter was a new disk produced by Morrison. The additional brand name Frisbee was given by Wham-O co-founder Richard Knerr to increase sales. Ed Headrick who was hired in 1964 as Wham-O’s new General Manager and Vice President was the man behind Frisbeeā€™s success. The first professional model was sold in 1964.The International Frisbee Association was founded by Headrick commonly known as the “Father of Disc Sports.


Frisbee-Inventor-Walter Frederick Morrison