When was the Boombox invented?

The Boombox was invented in 1975 by The Woelfel brothers. The first boom box was a box made of wood along with speakers and a car stereo system of an 8-track. The local radio station and cassettes were played by it. Later CDs were played in it in 1990s.


One thought on “When was the Boombox invented?

  1. Jeff Rodriguez

    I invented the first boombox in 1972 at the age of 12 years old. It’s was made of wood a box frame with two 51/2 round speakers at the end I used a Pioneer supertuner 8 track witch was mounted wit a sliding theft bracket on the top board in the middle. It had two power sources a 12 volt car plug and 110 ac to 12dc volt voltage regulator from Radio Shack to power it while indoors. I made this due to I worked with mt sep- father in the summers. He owned a resufacing company that fefinished bowling alleys. Based out of Bakersfield,CA we traveled to various bowling alleys in Ca,NV and AZ. The van I was in mostly had no radio and being 12 i loved music. So one day in his shop at home I came up with this pattening in the likes of my fathers old shoeshine box which I still have. I would never think of this being an interversion of the music boxes of there after and now, heck I was twelve.

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