When was Mars Rover launched?

raman   October 28, 2011   Comments Off on When was Mars Rover launched?

Mars rover is a motor vehicle that was designed and built by NASA scientists. It was operated by robots and launched into Mars. Till now five Mars rovers have been launched:

1. In 1971, the first one named Mars 2, Prop M rover was launched into Mars but it failed.
2. After that Mars 3, Prop M rover was launched but that device also failed.

Mars rover

3. On 4th July 1997, the third Mars rover- Sojourner rover landed successfully on Mars and until 27th September 1997 it was able to maintain communications with NASA.
4. On 4th January 2004, Spirit (MER-A), Mars Exploration Rover was launched successfully. There has been no communication from the rover since 22nd March 2010.
5. On 25th January 2004, the fifth rover named Opportunity (MER-B), Mars Exploration Rover, made it to Mars successfully and is still operating.

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